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Fully equipped greenscreen studio for rent for €2750 per day.

Welcome! My name is Rolf Trijber, and if you or your group are looking for an all-inclusive greenscreen studio, come on in!

Greenscreen infinity. With thick black molton curtains for soundproofing. White bicolor softboxes, fresnel spots for beautiful hair lighting, which we also have at the front here. We also have an additional row of softboxes that we can use for more light, and of course, floor lighting and much more light. An iPad for controlling the lighting. Very convenient, as you can take the iPad with you and light up at the greenscreen wall.

A real greenscreen studio naturally has preview screens, which we have, for example, in this corner. Autocue on all 5 Black Magic Studio 4K cameras. Of course, we have a twelve-channel audio interface. Plus, an audio table to control it well. 4 brand new Sennheiser microphones. Amazing sound! Absolutely fantastic.

We can monitor the audio well here. Naturally, we have a monitor selector.

We work with Streamdeks, combined with Vmix. We really enjoy working with Vmix. We think it's a fantastic program. But we also have the latest Black Magic 4K Television studio. And it's connected to 5 Ultimatte 12 4K chromakeyers. Super proud of them, truly amazing devices, the best keyers in the world!

Of course, plenty of studio props, we have a bit of everything. Bar stools, regular chairs, and of course, a couch. But we also have talk show tables, desks, and lounge chairs.

Crew space, a large space, nice and high at 4.5 meters with a large table.

Naturally, a makeup table, and last but not least, we have an edit suite. So if you want to edit your stuff right away, you can do it here too.

Fully equipped, with a switch technician available for rent at €2750 per day.


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