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Onze in infinity cyclorama Greenscreen wall


The studio with an infinity/cyclorama green screen wall covers approximately 95 square meters, with dimensions of 9 by 11 by 4 meters. A control table is installed along the width of the studio for direct operation. The infinity/cyclorama greenscreen wall has an interior dimension of 8.30 by 4.30 by 2.90 meters.

The ceiling height of the greenscreen studio is approximately 4 meters. Additionally, the studio features a garage door measuring 4 by 3 meters.


Green Screen Studio with Spacious Crew Room


In addition to the fully equipped green screen studio on the ground floor, there is a large crew/reception area on the first floor with a spacious meeting/crew table. The room features a tall makeup table with a large mirror equipped with LED lighting and two barstools.

The space also includes a pantry with an excellent Jura espresso bean machine, milk frother, kettle, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Naturally, there is an ample supply of dishes, suitable for approximately 12 people.

Free Parking

Gratis parkeren voor ca. 15 auto's

Regarding parking facilities, we have space for approximately 15 cars around the building.

In front of the building, 5 cars can be parked, and on the side, approximately 10 cars.

Gratis Parkeren
Beschikbare apparatuur

Available Equipment


When you rent our fully equipped green screen studio, all our equipment, except our edit suite, is available for free use. Our switch technician/studio manager is ready to assist you with the use of this equipment.

This includes lighting, chromakey, autocue, audio, and switching equipment, as well as studio props. Everything is included. You can download our equipment list from here.

Green Screen Studio Rental News

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