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Hiring a Green Screen Studio

Are you looking for a professional greenscreen studio in Hilversum/Loosdrecht? Our state-of-the-art chromakey studio is fully equipped with the latest 4K equipment, including 5x Blackmagic Ultimatte 12 4K, ideal for video professionals, TV producers, broadcast organizations, and video producers. Our chroma-key studio is not only technologically advanced but also provides an ideal location for all your creative video productions.

Feel free to call Rolf Trijber; he would be happy to show you our green screen studio. Check out our favorable rates or reserve a studio day or part of a day without any obligation.

Ultimatte 12 4K  Green Screen Studio


In our innovative green screen studio in Loosdrecht, managed by WM Studio’s BV, we have successfully executed hundreds of video productions. This studio serves as evidence of our expertise and experience. We have collaborated with both large and medium-sized companies, enabling our studio to support a wide range of projects.

Whether it is a commercial or a full TV production, our green screen studio provides the perfect setting for your next project.

This is the infinity cyclorama greenscreen wall of
Ultimatte 12 4K

All-Inclusive Green Screen Studio Rental

Blackmagic Ultimatte 12 4K


Transparency is our priority. That is why we offer all-inclusive rental packages. This means that, in addition to renting the green screen studio, you also get access to the crew/reception area and all available camera, lighting, chromakey, audio, and switching equipment at no extra cost! No unexpected surprises afterwards! Our all-inclusive green screen studio is available for rent by half-day or full day.

You can rent the green screen studio for the entire day, a half-day, or 2 hours.

All Inclusive

Own (Unique) Virtual Studio


With our extensive experience in building virtual sets, we know exactly how to maximize our greenscreen studio and equipment. Invest in your own virtual studio, perfectly tailored to our greenscreen facilities. For only €1,175, you get a unique virtual studio that is a one-time investment and can be used repeatedly in our studio.

Elevate your production to the next level with this unique opportunity!

The virtual studios we design are indistinguishable from reality and provide a highly realistic image!
Virtuele studio on Screen

Foto gallerij


Explore endless possibilities with us in Hilversum/Loosdrecht, where professional greenscreen rental goes hand in hand with innovation and quality.


Feel free to call Rolf Trijber; he would be happy to show you our greenscreen studio. Alternatively, you can reserve a studio day or half-day without any obligation.

Green Screen Studio Rental News

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